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xonclock is X on-screen analog clock displayer with assignable skins. Originally the program was written to be worked under the Window Maker 0.91.0 windows manager. If you are going to to use xonclock under different windows manager you should read the documentation supplied with the windows manager distributive. For example the xonclock should be started under KDE 3.2.1 with "--no-winredirect" option otherwise it'll never appear. Moreover KDE and other desktop environments uses their own placement policy so even the program have requested windows manager to place the window on specified area the manager may ignore it. For example using xonclock under KDE 3.2.1 you should set placement policy to "Zero-Cornered". If you use the manager which creates a few virtual desktops (workspaces) it is great likelihood that xonclock has to be started with "--no-winredirect" option otherwise it will be shown on every desktop.

Additional skins may be found at http://www.tenzor.cz/clocx.

The project summary page can be found on http://sourceforge.net/projects/xonclock.

By the way, since version xonclock may handle with alpha channel of PNG images by "--use-background" option. Try it.

xonclock- seems to be the last version I have produced. The reason is quite simple - I have no spare time for further xonclock development. xonclock was a first project I have started to learn myself the linux programming specifics and now it requires complete code refactoring (to be fair the current xonclock code structure is horrible). So if you would like to take xonclock's leadership - just mail me! If you interested if there is a replacement for xonclock - yes, it exist. It's a Cairo-Clock program. Much more powerfull than xonclock.


xonclock screenshot
xonclock- with slightly modified skin
(skin chrome-128.png was 'browned' in GIMP)
xonclock screenshot
xonclock- with chrome-128-blue-out.png skin
xonclock started with --use-background option
xonclock screenshot
xonclock- with Vista skins
(which was preinstalled on my laptop and formatted at moment)
xonclock started with --use-background option


2007-09-16: xonclock- released

  • Fixed ignorance of TZ customization.

2007-08-11: xonclock- released

  • More intelligent reading of tiff skins.
  • A few additional skins were added.
  • Added option "alpha-threshold" to more elegant handling the image with alpha channel over XShape extension.
  • Fixed resolving the '~' sign at --skin option argument.

2007-04-01: xonclock- released

  • Added ability to customize time-zone settings.

2007-03-09: xonclock- released

  • The program may hang because of inappropriate signal handling. Fixed. It is highly recommended to upgrade.

2007-03-04: time-change handling nasty bug

  • It seems the program has a nasty bug that could lead to the program hang. So please don't use xonclock with skins bigger then 128 pixels. Don't be afraid it will not damage your data :) But if the program has been hanged out you always may kill it with kill `pidof "xonclock"` command. I'm rewritting the program code now... I hope to has it done during a week... I think the only decision is to use pthread library...

2007-03-01: xonclock- released

  • The program was not able to deal with 16-bit depth display properly (especially with --use-background option). Fixed.

2007-01-03: xonclock- released

  • Removed useless remerging of clock skin with root window background on single mouse click (affected on clock skins with alpha channel and if xonclock was started with --use-background option).
  • Added two new skins chrome-128.png and chrome-260.png. They are taken from http://www.kde-look.org

A complete list of all changes can be found in the NEWS file inside of xonclock source package.


The latest version is xonclock- This is the preferred version.

All older versions can be found on Sourceforge.net

Gentoo ebuild script xonclock-


xonclock- requires the following packages were properly installed:

The requirements for different versions of xonclock may variate. To get accurate list of required packages see README file inside of downloaded xonclock distributive.

The full agreement with versions numbers of these packages aren't required I hope.


Unpack the program sources and see INSTALL file or just type ./configure, make and (become a root) make install.


Any suggestions, bug reports and other information are welcome and may be sent to xonclock author Cyrill Gorcunov [gclion at mail dot ru].


  • Gabor Z. Papp
  • Sam Sirlin
  • Michael G. Katzmann
  • Andreas Tannert
  • David Richards
  • Bill Pier
  • Kornilov S.N.
  • Stepanenkov V.V.
  • Tobias Brox
  • Andy P


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